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04.09.2019 12:39 Età: 174 days
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Dr. Ninel Kokanyan: "Mini-course: Theory and Applications of Raman"

10 e 11 settembre 2019, alle ore 15:00 in Aula "C. Voci" (Fisica)

Martedì 10 e mercoledì 11 settembre 2019, alle ore 15:00 in aula "C. Voci",
Dr. Ninel Kokanyan del CentraleSupéléc et Laboratoire MOPS, Metz, Francia -
terrà due seminari dal titolo "Theory and Applications of Raman Spectroscopy"


Raman spectroscopy is nowadays established as a powerful tool in materials characterization. The purpose of this short course is to provide a concise introduction to Raman Spectrosco py for non experts, highligting some specific theoretical aspects of the underlying phenomena and providing examples of applications. The course covers the following topics: (i) Light - Matter interaction: photon-phonon interaction, Raman scattering; (ii) Raman spectroscopy: classical description, quantum description (iii) Raman activity: symmetry, group theory, symmetry and vibrational modes, selection rules (iv) Examples.