Dal Corso Flavio (INFN), Lacaprara Stefano (INFN), Montecassiano Fabio (INFN), Posocco Mario (INFN), Sartori Paolo, Simonetto Franco, Stroili Roberto, Torassa Ezio (INFN)

Research Activity

BELLE II is an experiment that started taking data in February 2018 at the SuperKEKB collider located in the KEK laboratories, Tsukuba (Japan).
SuperKEKB is an asymmetric e+e- collider with beam energies of 7 and 4 GeV respectively and it will be used to study the decays of several resonances Y(nS) with energies between 9 and 11 GeV.
This new generation of B-factory is able to reach a maximum luminosity of 8 x 1035 cm-2 s-1 providing a statistics 40 times that reached by the previous generation B_factories KEK and PEP-II in 2010.
The Padova group has worked on the construction and installation of the particle identification detector TOP (Time Of Propagation) and of its calibration system based on a pico-second laser device.
The current activities are the study of the particle identification detector properties, the future upgrade of the TOP detector and the study of some decay channels to measure the time dependent CP violation.

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