Structure and dynamics of galaxies

Structure and dynamics of galaxies


Enrico Maria Corsini, Alessandro Pizzella, Giulia Rodighiero, Elena Dalla Bontà

PostDoc/Phd Student

Lorenzo Morelli, Luca Costantin, Virginia Cuomo, Ilaria Pagotto

Research Activity

Our research group is working on different topics concerning the structure and dynamics of nearby galaxies:

·         Counter-rotating components in galaxies: More than 15 per cent of stars of nearby galaxies are counter-rotating with respect to the many body of their host galaxy. We developed a novel spectroscopic method to disentangle the kinematic and stellar population properties of counter-rotating components in order to understand their formation process.

·         Stellar populations in nearby disk galaxies: Characterizing the stellar population properties of the lenticular and spiral galaxies is a key information to constrain the epoch and driving mechanism of their assembly. We are developing new infrared line-strength indices to measure the age and metallicity of the stars in dusty galaxies.

·         Mass of supermassive black holes: We are involved in the Space Telescope and Optical Reverberation Mapping Project, which extensively uses space and ground-based telescopes to measure the black hole mass in active galactic nuclei. We successfully introduced a new dynamical method to measure the black hole mass from the unresolved ionized-gas kinematics in the nuclei of quiescent galaxies.  

·         Dark and luminous matter in galaxies: We study the orbital structure, content of luminous matter, concentration of dark matter, and scaling relations between galactic photometry, kinematics, and dynamics to understand the assembly of the stellar body and dark matter halo of the galaxies.