LaFSI - The laboratory of surface and interface physics

The laboratory of surface and interface physics


Giampaolo Mistura, Pierno Matteo, Michele Merano.

Post Docs

Davide Ferraro, Ladislav Derzsi, Paolo Sartori.

Ph.D Students

Carlo Rigoni, Daniele Filippi.

Technical staff

Giorgio Delfitto

Research Activity

The Laboratory of physics of surfaces and interfaces (LaFSI) has two principal research lines. The former one studies an ample range of phenomena at the solid-liquid interface. The laboratory is a front runner in the field of microfluidics with the know-how to realize and characterize devices to handle fluids at the microscale. Furthermore, the wetting and adsorption phenomena of liquid films on microstructured surfaces and on porous matrices. As far the solid state, the laboratory investigates the microscopic origins of friction.

The latter research line is devoted to the study of soft matter, with a specific attention to the microrheology of colloidal solutions confined in microchannels and the manipulation of ferrofluids by means of magnetic fields.

The laboratory owns numerous techniques for adsorption experiments, the fabrication of microfluidic chips, the actuation of flows in microchannels, the wetting properties, the nanofriction of molecular films. Recently, it has acquired an optical tweezers setup for microrheology experiments and a microscope for measurements of velocimetry in microfluidic channels.

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