Galaxy and clusters formation and evolution

Galaxy and clusters formation and evolution


Mauro D'Onofrio


Stefano Cariddi e Mauro Sciarratta

External collaborators

Cesare Chiosi, Paola Marziani, Daniela Bettoni, Bianca Maria Poggianti, Giovanni Fasano, Alessia Moretti, Marco Gullieuszik, Alessandro Omizzolo, Didier Fraix-Burnet, Jacopo Fritz, Andrea Biviano, Antonio Cava.

Research Activity

We work on the problem of the galaxy and cluster formation and evolution by using data coming from several observational surveys and many theoretical models. Our goal is to reconstruct the star formation history of galaxies and understand the role of the active central black holes at their centre. The main problem is that of understanding the “fine-tuning” between star formation activity and galaxy structure/dynamics. We also study the feedback from supernovae and AGN as well as those coming from the galaxy environment. We study the main scaling relations of galaxies and clusters trying to understand their physical origin. Finally, we use the quasars with highest accretion rates as standard candles to establish the main cosmological parameters (e.g Omega_m and Omega_lambda).