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Modeling exoplanetary atmospheres

Prof. Giampaolo Piotto

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October 2014:

Master’s degree in physics, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano,


Thesis title: On the shape of a disc subject to the Bardeen-Petterson effect.

Supervisor: G. Lodato.

Assistant supervisor: G. Bertin.

Brief description: In my thesis, relevant for the astrophysics of accretion discs, I

determined the stationary, self-consistent shape that a non-planar disc assumes

when it obits a rotating black hole (Bardeen-Petterson effect). This kind of

problem finds several applications in the field of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN)

and of X-ray binaries.

February 2012:

Bachelor’s degree in physics, Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano,


Thesis title: Beam pattern measurements of 100 GHz corrugated feed horns for

the measurement of the cosmic microwave background polarization.

Supervisor: A. Mennella.

Assistant supervisor: B. Paroli.

Brief description: In my thesis I characterized by beam pattern measurements

a module made up of seven 100 GHz corrugated horns. The measurements

were done in an anechoic chamber. The work was part of a project aimed at

the development of a new kind of instruments for future cosmic microwave

background polarization experiments.

September 2011 – Today:

Science communicator, AstrOfficina per il Civico Planetario di Milano,


Brief description: AstrOfficina is a nonprofit association founded in 2008 with the aim of promoting

astronomical and scientifical knowledge through activities for students and

generic public. Since 2011 the association works together with Civico Planetario

di Milano "Ulrico Hoepli", supervising its public and educational activities.

With a team of two people, I created and realised hands-on and knowledge-

enhancing activities on the most actual and striking matters in science and

astronomy. The activities are carried out by me and my colleagues both in

primary and secondary schools.

For further iformation see:

  1. Planetario di Milano site

  2. AstrOfficina: