Slemer Alessandra

Slemer Alessandra

Alessandra Slemer

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3° piano Dipartimento di Astronomia

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Advanced stellar evolution and related nucleosynthesis

dott.ssa Marigo

Short CV
13/09/2013. Astronomy Master degree, Astronomy Department,
Universita degli studi di Padova.
Master thesis title: Study of 436keV resonance of the nuclear reaction
22Ne(p;)23Na, and impact in astrophysics.
Supervisor: Dr. Carlo Broggini
Passing grade: 110/110 cum laude

14/10/2011. Astronomy bachelor degree, Astronomy Department, Universita degli studi di Padova.
Bachelor thesis title: Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometer:comparison between classical and quantum
vision of electromagnetic eld.
Supervisor:Prof. Armando Francesco Borghesani
Passing grade: 108/110

My PhD project deals with the theoretical eld of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis. The workhorse of my PhD is the Padova and Trieste stellar evolution code (PARSEC), which has been subject to a recent revision of its main imput physics [Bressan, Marigo, Girardi et al. (2012)]. The rst step of my PhD is to include the hydrostatic carbon burning phase in PARSEC, which is expected to occur in stars with initial masses 6M ≤ Mi ≤ 10M that develop a midly degenerate C-O cores at the end of He-burning phase. The inclusion of C-bunring phase will open the way to a number of further improvements and applications. The main ones are: the de nition of the critical mass limits Mup, Mec and Mmas between the di erent evolutionary path, as a function of metallicity; the computation of the subsequent super-AGB phase experienced by stars with masses in range between 6 and 10 solar masses; the computation and release of the chemical yield for a large set of elements; the construction of stellar isochrones extended to the late evolutionary phases.