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3° piano Dipartimento di Astronomia

Research Interest:
Computational Cosmology. Statistics of structural and dynamical properties of dark matter halos in large cosmological simulations.

Titolo di tesi:
The Internals Structure of Dark Matter Halos

prof. Giuseppe Tormen

Short CV:
2011 – 2013: Master's Degree in Astronomy, Physics and Astronomy Department, University of Padova, cum laude (110/110 e lode).
Thesis title: Structural properties of dark matter halos: a statistical study
Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Tormen
2008 – 2011: Bachelor's Degree in Astronomy, Astronomy Department, University of Padova (106/110).
Thesis title: A new algorithm for computation of cosmological distances
Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Tormen
Spring 2014: Teaching Assistant for the undergraduate course "Fisica", held by prof. Giuseppe Tormen at Engineering Department, University of Padova