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3° piano Dipartimento di Astronomia

Interessi di ricerca:
Planetary Science, Asteroids, Comets, Photometry

Titolo tesi:
Disk-resolved and unresolved spectrophotometry of Solar System small bodies

Dott. Monica Lazzarin, Dott. Sara Magrin

Short CV:
I started my PhD in Astronomy in January 2011 with a research project on Disk-resolved and unresolved spectrophotometry of Solar System small bodies.
I spent recently six months (Mar 2012 - Sep 2012) at the University of Maryland (USA) in order to perform photometric analysis of data from EPOXI mission with the supervision of prof. Michael A'Hearn.
Since February 2012 I am a member of the OSIRIS Instrument Assistant team for the ESA Rosetta mission.
I took the Master Degree in Astronomy in June 2011 with grade 110/110 cum laude with a thesis on Photometric analysis of Asteroid 2867 Steins form Rosetta Spacecraft Images (Supervisor: Dt. Monica Lazzarin and Sara Magrin). I took  the Bachelor Degree in Astronomy in October 2007 with grade 110/110 with thesis on Spectrophotometry of asteroid 21 Lutetia, target of Rosetta mission (Supervisor: Dt. Monica Lazzarin and Simone Marchi).