De Pascale Marco

De Pascale Marco

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+49 3200 6401

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E.S.O. Garching (Germany), office 503

Interessi di ricerca:
Formerly in cosmology, currently I study the application of machine learning methods to the automatic analysis of astronomical data. Machine learning methods are based on statistics and their ultimate target is to extract knowledge from a data set. From past experience (called training) they can learn a model that describes the dataset; they can then use this model to make prediction on previously unseen data. 

The need for automatic methods comes from the great amount of data that will be available thanks to the next future astronomical surveys (Gaia, PESSTO, PanSTARRS, etc.); such big data sets will be analysed much faster from a trained machine then from a human expert. Machine learning gives flexibility and can mimic in some way human intelligence, thus I think it is an interesting way to implement automatic analysis. 

My PhD project is to realize an automatic classifier for supernovae that will take as input parameterised light curves and spectra. It will work with as less assumptions as possible, in order to deal with all the new events, learning from them (e.g. the discovery of new classes or subclasses that could answer to the single degenerate – double degenerate scenario for SN Ia) and also giving indications for follow up.

Titolo tesi:
Machine learning and data mining for SN classification in the era of large searches

Dr. Andrea Baruffolo

Short CV:


- From Jan. 2013: PhD studentship at E.S.O. (European Southern Observatory) in Garching (Germany), supervisor Dr. Ferdinando Patat

- Feb. 2012 - Dec. 2012: AMBRE project: parametrization of HARPS spectra; scholarship at O.C.A. (Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur) in Nice (France), supervisors Dr. Patrick de Laverny and Dr. C. Clare Worley. 

- Apr. 2011 - Jan. 2012: Machine learning and classification in astronomy; scholarship at INAF-OAPd, supervisor Dr. Andrea Baruffolo


- Mar. 2011: Master degree in astronomy at the former Department of Astronomy - University of Padova (105/110) with a thesis titled "Automatic classification of supernovae using machine learning methods". Supervisors Dr. Andrea Baruffolo and Prof. Sergio Ortolani.

- Jul. 2009: Implementation of calibration procedure for IFS (Integrated Field Spectrograph) for SPHERE; Stage at INAF-OAPd, supervisor Dr. Andrea Baruffolo.

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