Ziosi Brunetto Marco

Ziosi Brunetto Marco

Numero di telefono:
049 827 8251

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brunettomarco.ziosi (at) studenti.unipd.it

3° piano Dipartimento di Astronomia

Interessi di ricerca:
I am working on N-body simulations of young and dense star clusters in order to understand the impact of stellar evolution and dynamics on the formation and evolution of compact-object (neutron stars and black holes) binary systems. These objects are thought to be the best candidates to produce gravitational waves observable in the near future with the second-generation ground-based gravitational wave interferometers Advanced Ligo and Virgo.
Titolo tesi: The impact of stellar evolution and dynamics on the formation of compact-object binaries

Dott. Michela Mapelli, Prof. Giuseppe Tormen

Short CV:
* 2011, Master Degree in Astronomy with thesis on "Halo-matter cross-correlation in cosmological
simulation", supervisor: prof. G. Tormen.
* 2007, Bachelor Degree in Astronomywith thesis on "Characterization of optical vortexes
with different angular momentum", supervisor: prof. Prof. Cesare Barbieri, Dott. Fabrizio Tamburini, Gabriele Anzolin.

* IMPRS Summer School on Computational Astrophysics (Heidelberg, Germany)
* International School of Astrophysics on the Fundamental Cosmic distance scale and the Transient Sky (Teramo, Italy)
* Summer School of Parallel Computing (CINECA, Bologna)
* Introduction to C language for scientific programming (CINECA, Bologna)
* PhD Summer School on Algorithms and Architectures for Computational Science and Engineering (Departement of Information Engineering, Padova)
* Workshop on Visualization of Large scientific Data (CINECA, Bologna)
* Python for computational science (CINECA, Bologna)
* Introduction to GPGPU and CUDA programming (CINECA)

* 2012-2013, Teaching assistant - Mathematical analysis, Python.

* Operating systems: Linux/Unix (excellent), MacOS, Windows
* Programming languages: Python (good), C/C++, Fortran, HTML. Interests in Go(lang).
* Codes: Gadget, CMBFAST
* Experience in parallel computing (usage of MPI and OpenMP)

Link pagina web personale: www.brunettoziosi.eu