Rodeghiero Gabriele

Rodeghiero Gabriele

Numero di telefono:
049 827 8250

Indirizzo mail istituzionale:
gabriele.rodeghiero (at)

3° piano, Dipartimento di Astronomia

Interessi di ricerca:
instrumentation, interferometry, high energy astrophysics

Titolo tesi:
Scientific and technological aspects of the intensity interferometry technique with the CTA Observatory

Prof.  A. Franceschini

Short CV:
I got my Bachelor (2008) and Master (2010) in Astronomy at the University of Padova. Currently I'm working at the design and qualification of the ASTRI telescope for the CTA Observatory. I took part (2009) to the REXUS-BEXUS Programme led by ESA to develop and test an experiment on a stratospheric balloon.