Rodrigues Thaise

Rodrigues Thaise

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Stellar astrophysics and chemical evolution of the Galaxy

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Accurate Ages and Distances to the Stars in APOGGE-Kepler Surveys


Dott. Leo Girardi

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M.Sc. Astrophysics: Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo/Brasil, 2010-2012 Master thesis: "Determination of Age Distribution of Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae" Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Walter Junqueira Maciel B.Sc. Astronomy, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro/Brasil, 2006-2009 Senior thesis: "Detailed Analysis of Stars on the Solar Evolution Trajectory" Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gustavo Frederico Porto de Mello Refereed publication: Maciel, W. J., Rodrigues, T. S., Costa, R. D. D., Kinematic ages of the central stars of planetary nebulae, 2011, Rev Mex AA, 47, 401. Proceedings: Rodrigues, T. S., Maciel, W. J., Kinematic age determinations of planetary nebula central stars, 2012, IAU Symposium, 283, 486. Maciel, W. J., Rodrigues, T. S., Costa, R. D. D., Radial abundance gradients from planetary nebulae and young objects: age effects, 2012, IAU Symposium, 283, 424.

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