Libralato Mattia

Libralato Mattia

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Ufficio del Dr. Bedin e Dr. Clemens, Ala Sud 3° piano, Osservatorio

Interessi di ricerca:
Stellar Populations, Astrometry, Photometry

Titolo tesi:
"High-precision astrometry and photometry with wide-field infrared imagers"

Prof. Giampaolo Piotto. Co-supervisor: Dott. Luigi Bedin

Short CV: 
2013 - First-year Ph.D. student at the Ph.D. School in Astronomy of University of Padova (cycle XXVIII). Enrolled on January, 1st 2013
June/July/August 2012 - Space Astronomy Summer Program (SASP) 2012
2012 - Master's degree in Astronomy at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Padova
2009 - Bachelor's degree in Astronomy at the Department of Astronomy, University of Padova

Observing experience: Photometry with the Schmidt and the 182 cm Telescopes at the Asiago Observatory