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08.03.2018 16:46 Età: 282 days
Categoria: Appuntamenti

Prof. Raul Rangel-Rojo - Ciclo di seminari su "Nonlinear optics and ultrafast lasers"

19 - 20 - 21 marzo 2018, h. 14:30-16:30, Aula B (Fisica)

Series of lectures in: Nonlinear optics and ultrafast lasers

The purpose of the lectures is to give an overview of the field of nonlinear optics with ultrafast lasers in nanostructured materials, and their potential applications.
All-optical switching devices, and photon pair generation for quantum information processes are discussed in particular as potential applications.

Schedule: 3 sessions of 2 hours each

First session: - Ultrafast lasers and amplifiers: Working principles. - Introduction to nonlinear optics: Second-order phenomena, Third-order phenomena, Applications of nonlinear optics,

Second session: - Nanostructured materials for nonlinear optics

Third session: - Nonlinear waveguiding devices for quantum optics: Correlated photon pair generation