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20.12.2017 15:16 Età: 303 days
Categoria: Appuntamenti

Ruling out higher-order interference from purity principles

Relatore: Carlo M. Scandolo (Oxford University). Quando: 9 gennaio 2018 alle ore 11. Dove: Saletta 201 (DEI/A), via Gradenigo 6.

As first noted by Rafael Sorkin, there is a limit to quantum interference. The interference pattern formed in a multi-slit experiment is a function of the interference patterns formed between pairs of slits, so there are no genuinely new features resulting from considering three slits instead of two. Sorkin has introduced a hierarchy of mathematically conceivable higher-order interference behaviours, where classical theory lies at the first level of this hierarchy and quantum theory theory at the second. Informally, the order in this hierarchy corresponds to the number of slits on which the interference pattern has an irreducible dependence. Many authors have wondered why quantum interference is limited to the second level of this hierarchy. Does the existence of higher-order interference violate some natural physical principle that we believe should be fundamental? In this work, using the framework of general probabilistic theories, we show that principles requiring purity at the fundamental level of Nature limit interference to the second order.