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22.09.2017 13:31 Età: 362 days
Categoria: Appuntamenti

PhD in Astronomy Workshop 2017

25 e 26 settembre 2017, ore 9:00, Aula "Rosino" (astronomia)

Ph.D. workshop 2017

ore 9.00
ALEI ELEONORA - Stability Studies of Super Earths Atmospheres
ore 9.15
BERGAMINI PIETRO - Internal structure, dark matter and baryonic content, of clusters of galaxies by kinematic and lensing data
ore 9.30
CHEN SINA - Probing the population of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies with a southern hemisphere extended sampling
ore 9.45
COLOMBO LORENZO - Analysis of Kepler-2.0 light curves - A new pipeline for light curve detrending
ore 10.00
CUOMO VIRGINIA - Probing the dark matter content in the center of barred galaxies
ore 10.15
FIORI MICHELE - High sensitivity studies of Pulsar Wind Nebulae with CTA and ASTRI Mini-array
ore 10.30
FOFFANO LUCA - Searching for extreme blazars
ore 10.45
GIACOBBO NICOLA - Demography of compact object binaries

coffee break

ore 11.15
SICILIA DANIELA - Characterization of planetary atmospheres through high-resolution spectroscopy
ore 11.30
UMBRIACO GABRIELE - Assembly Integration and Verification of the PLATO Telescope Optical Unit
ore 11.45
CAI YONGZHI The multi-wavelength monitoring campaign ofthe transient AT2017be Was AT2017be an EC-SN?
ore 12.00
Modelling the emission of Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources
ore 12.20
CARLEO ILARIA GIARPS at TNG and the young active stars
ore 12.40
CONGIU ENRICO The physics of the ENLR in active galactic nuclei through optical spectroscopy and radio emission


ore 14.00
ENIA ANDREA FRANCESCO MARIA Zoom-in on the dust-obscured phase of galaxy formation with gravitational lensing
ore 14.20
FRATTIN ELISA Analysis of images of comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko obtained by OSIRIS, the camera on board the Rosetta mission
ore 14.40
OPPIZZI FILIPPO Primordial Non-Gaussianity and scale-dependent Bispectra in the Cosmic Microwave Background
ore 15.00
PAGOTTO ILARIA Accurate mass determination of supermassive black holes in nearby galaxies
ore 15.20
PASTORELLI GIADA Calibrating the TP-AGB phase through resolved stellar populations in nearby galaxies

coffee break

ore 16.00
YANG SHENG DLT40 optical follow up in LIGO O2 run
ore 16.20
BORTOLAS ELISA Star Cluster Disruption by a Supermassive Black Hole Binary


ore 9.00
CARIDDI STEFANO The mass assembly in galaxies and clusters: a new perspective from the luminosity profiles
ore 9.40
GUGLIELMO VALENTINA Groups and clusters of galaxies in the XXL Survey
ore 10.20
FREZZATO MICHELE Modeling the extended narrow-line region in the era of integral field surveys

coffee break

ore 11.20
COSTANTIN LUCA On the formation of bulges from their observed properties in nearby galaxies
ore 12.00
VASSALLO DANIELE A virtual coronagraphic test bench for SHARK-NIR, the second-generation high-contrast imager for the Large Binocular Telescope
ore 12.40
PINO LORENZO Bridging the lower- and the upper-atmosphere of exoplanets through high-resolution transmission spectroscopy


ore 14.30
PENSABENE FRANCESCO Open Cluster in Gaia era
ore 15.10
PUGLISI ANNAGRAZIA Properties of the interstellar medium in distant star-forming galaxies
ore 15.50
TRABUCCHI MICHELE New models of pulsating red giant stars: application to long-period variables in the large magellanic cloud