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23.06.2017 13:20 Età: 1 year
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Stephan Barcikowski - "Nanomedicine"

29 giugno 2017, h.18:00 - Aula Magna del Collegio Morgagni (Via S. Massimo, 33 - Padova)

Giovedì 29 giugno 2017, alle ore 18:00 presso l'Aula Magna del Collegio Morgagni di Via San Massimo, 33 a Padova, Stephan Barcikowski della University of Duisburg-Essen terrà un seminario dal titolo



"Nano" is actually an old hat. Nature has always been working on this scale. Nature's gears are couple of nanometers in diameter. For example, biological cells are ideally programmed to digest ultrasmall, nanoscopic particles. Our cells also perfectly "feel" the curvature of nanoparticles by specific "touch molecules". Hence, scientists in the discipline if nanomendicine try to understand and mimic natural functions on a very small scale. If the size and coating of a nanoparticle are precisely tuned to these biological functions (which no one has mastered to this day), it is possible to diagnose diseases, to introduce drugs with fewer side effects, or to improve the compatibility of implants in vivo. Such "nanobiomaterials" therefore have enormous potential for the development of new therapeutic procedures and medical products. In this lecture, different modes of action are presented with examples from the fields of cancer therapy, and neural implants for treatment of Parkinson's disease.