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15.05.2017 11:36 Età: 1 year
Categoria: Appuntamenti

Prof. G. Carosi: "Hunting the Dark Matter Axion with the ADMX experiment"

Giovedì 25 maggio, h 10:20, Aula "C. Voci" (Fisica)

Giovedì 25 maggio, alle ore 10:20 in aula "C. Voci", il Prof. G. Carosi della Laurence Livermore National Laboratory (Livermore CA) terrá un seminario dal titolo:

"Hunting the Dark Matter Axion with the ADMX experiment"

Abstract: The nature of dark matter is one of the great mysteries of modern physics and may be the result of new particles beyond the standard model. The Axion, originally conceived as a solution to the strong-CP problem in nuclear physics, is one such well-motivated candidate. The Axion Dark Matter eXperiment (ADMX) is a DOE "Generation 2" direct-detection dark matter project searching for axions in the few to 10s of micro-eV mass range. It uses a large (~130 liter) RF microwave cavity inserted in an 8 Tesla solenoid magnet to resonantly convert primordial axions to detectable microwave photons. Over the last decade the ADMX experiment has undergone multiple upgrades including the installation of quantum-limited amplifiers and a new, high-power, dilution refrigerator. As a result of these upgrades the ADMX experiment is now operating with unprecedented sensitivity (down to pessimistic DFSZ axion-photon couplings). Here I will give an overview of the ADMX experiment as well as present some preliminary results from our most recent data run before describing our plans to search for dark matter axions up to 10 GHz (or ~40 micro-eV mass) and beyond.