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19.04.2017 16:31 Età: 1 year
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Dr. L. Coccato - "The properties of the stellar halos around early-type galaxies"

Giovedì 20 aprile 2017 - ore 11:30 - Aula Rosino (Astronomia, V.lo dell'Osservatorio - Pd)

Giovedì 20 aprile 2017, alle ore 11:30 in Aula Rosino (Astronomia, V.lo dell'Osservatorio - Pd), il Dr. L. Coccato, dell'ESO, terrà un seminario dal titolo:The properties of the stellar halos around early-type galaxiesAbstract:

The stellar halos of early-type galaxies are more challenging to probe with respect their spiral galaxies counterparts, because of the lack of gas and their faint stellar surface brightness.

Therefore, the measurements in galaxies - in particular the kinematics- are mostly confined within 1 effective radius, and they miss the information of the halo. Hence, tracers alternative to the traditional absorption lines need to be used. Planetary Nebulae (PNe) and Globular Clusters (GCs) are ideal candidates for this purpose. Thanks to the surveys of extra-galactic PNe and GCs, it is now possible to investigate the halos properties also in early-type galaxies. I will present the most important discoveries in this field and compare the results with what obtained from traditional absorption line spectroscopy in the regions were measurements for multiple tracers are available.