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11.04.2018 18:05 Età: 1 year
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Can we learn any particle physics and quantum gravity from LIGO et al?

Speaker: Roberto Emparan - ICREA - Spain 18-04-2018, 15:30 | Aula A - Polo Didattico (Museo della Fisica)

Although the events that LIGO detects are impressively powerful (the closest observed to the Dyson luminosity, a conjectur ed maximum radiating power), it is often assumed that they cannot reveal anything about particle physics and even less so about quantum gravity: the energy densities that are reached, and the wavelengths that are probed, are many orders of magnitude too small. However, astrophysical black holes such as observed by LIGO can be sensitive probes of the very light scalars (such as axions) that appear frequently in beyond-the-standard model scenarios (including string theory). Moreover, the gravitational waves from a black hole collision and ringdown may also test certain radical models that have been put forward to solve the black hole information problem by modifying the structure near the horizon. Given the abundance of data that are expected to come from LIGO and other upcoming detectors, there is an opportunity to observationally put to the test these and other speculative scenarios at virtually no cost.