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10.01.2018 10:54 Età: 282 days
Categoria: Appuntamenti

Valentin Reys - Università di Milano - "Localization in Conformal Supergravity and Black Hole Entropy"

mercoledì 17 gennaio 2018 - ore 15:00 - Aula "C. Voci" (Fisica)


In this talk I will discuss known results and work in progress regarding the exact, non-perturbative entropy of certain supersymmetric black holes. This quantity can be computed within the Quantum Entropy Function formalism, by means of supersymmetric localization in the supergravity theory of which the black hole is a solution. To effect localization it is most convenient to use an off-shell Euclidean framework. To this aim, I will start by reviewing the construction of 4d, N=2 Euclidean conformal supergravity and briefly discuss 1/2-BPS black hole solutions in this theory. I will then explain how to obtain their exact quantum entropy by localization of the Quantum Entropy Function. To provide some concrete examples, I will review the results obtained previously when the black hole is embedded as a 1/8-BPS black hole of N=8 supergravity, or as a 1/4-BPS black hole of N=4 supergravity. Lastly, I will discuss how this strategy can also be used to analyze asymptotically AdS black hole solutions of 4d, N=2, $U(1)^4$ gauged supergravity.