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21.04.2019 20:21 Età: 151 days
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Relatore: Sebastian Mizera, Perimeter Institute, Canada Quando e Dove: 02-05-2019 | 15:00 | Aula "C. Voci"

It has been long known that intersection theory on the moduli space of punctured Rie mann surfaces encodes observables in two-dimensional quantum gravity. It is natural to ask whether interacting theories could also admit a similar description. In the genus-zero case we put forward a twisted version of intersection theory on the moduli space and propose that it computes tree-level scattering amplitudes in a range of quantum field theories in general space-time dimension. After outlining their universal properties and relations to the low-energy limit of string theory amplitudes, we present recursion relations for intersection numbers on the natural fibration of moduli spaces. 

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