Colloquia Dissertori

The LHC endeavour: achievements and future plans

Relatore: Prof. Günther Dissertori
Quando: 15-11-2017, ore 15:00
Dove: Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia "G. Galilei" - Aula "A. Rostagni" (Fisica)

Eight years after first beam, the LHC accelerator and experiments can already look back at an impressive list of achievements. However, we are still in the early phases of a long journey, especially in terms of the total amount of data to be collected. In this talk I will give a brief review of the current status, and then focus on the future plans, in particular at the so-called high-luminosity upgrades of the experiments and the physics goals related to this future high-luminosity running of the accelerator. Sarà possibile seguire l'evento in diretta streaming.

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