Standard Model and Flavor

Standard Model and Flavor

1 Precision electroweak measurements

S. Lacaprara (8 hours)
We will review precision electroweak measurements upon which the global electroweak fit is based.

• Measurement  at the Z pole (LEP  1 and SLD): Z mass  and width,
ef f , braching fractions
• Asymmetries: forward-backward, left-right, τ polarization, . . .

• W mass (and width) at Lep II and Tevatron

• top mass (Tevatron and LHC): methods and issues

• Higgs discovery and measurements:  mass, width, spin, coupling

• Global ElectroWeak fit.

2  CKM matrix  and unitarity triangle

G. Simi (12 hours)
We will introduce the CKM matrix and unitarity  triangle. Discussion on angles and sides.

• matrix elements Vcb and Vub;
• B-meson mixing: oscillation frequency and semileptonic asymmetry;

• CP-violation and measurement of α, β, γ angles;

• constraints on CKM triangle from measurements of sides and angles;

• rare decay and constraints on new physics;

3  Advanced topics in Flavor  Physics

A. Pompili  (8 hours)
We will introduce:

• Searches and evidence of complex multiquark states (tetra and pen- taquarks)
• Amplitude analysis with Dalitz plots.

The exam will  consist in a presentation  on an experimental topic among those covered or suggested during the course.