Standard cosmology: Fundamentals of General Relativity for cosmology;
Cosmological models; Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric
(2 hrs.)

Thermodynamics of the Universe: elements of kinetic theory
in the expanding Universe; evolution of the entropy and of the main
thermodynamical quantities; photon and neutrino decoupling; relic
particles (4 hrs.)

Inflation: problems of the standard cosmological model;
kinematics and dynamics of inflation models; generation of
primordial perturbations and their effects on the Cosmic Microwave
Background. (6 hrs.)

Gravitational Instability: linear evolution of perturbations;
Jeans scale; free-streaming, models with dark matter and baryons;
cold dark matter, hot dark matter, etc.. (5 hrs.)

Statistics of cosmological perturbations:
power-spectrum; transfer function; filter functions; higher-order
statistics (2 hrs.)

Non-linear evolution of perturbations: N-body techniques; spherical
model; Ze'dovich approximation and adhesion theory. (3 hrs.)

Dark Energy: observational aspects; models. (2 hrs.)


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