LaFSI - The laboratory of surface and interface physics

The laboratory of surface and interface physics


Giampaolo Mistura, Pierno Matteo, Michele Merano.

Post Docs

Davide Ferraro, Ladislav Derzsi, Paolo Sartori.

Ph.D Students

Carlo Rigoni, Daniele Filippi.

Technical staff

Giorgio Delfitto

Research Activity

The laboratory of surface and interface physics (LaFSI) is involved in two main lines of research. The first concerns the study of surface phenomena both at fluid and solid interfaces. The laboratory is leader in microfluidics with the technical capability of creating devices to control fluids at the microscopic level. Other studies include wetting and liquid films adsorption in a porous matrix and in nano-structured surfaces. In solid-state physics we study the microscopic origins of friction (nano-friction) and the optical properties of two-dimensional materials.

The second line of research concerns active matter and biophysics. In this field experiments in micro-rheology and folding and unfolding of proteins or macromolecules are carried on.

The laboratory houses a clean-room, several optical characterization techniques and high-vacuum and ultra-high vacuum techniques. Recently an optical tweezer, an optical set-up to measure light beam shifts and an inverted fluorescence microscope for particles and micro-drops tracking have been installed.

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