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Piano Terra - Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia G. Galilei

Titolo della tesi:
On the road to find exo-planets throught extreme optics instrumentation: the Plato Telescope optical unit assembly integration and verification

Prof. Giampaolo Piotto, Department of Physics and Astronomy (University of Padova)
Prof.. Roberto Ragazzoni, INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Padova
Dr. Jacopo Farinato, INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Padova


Research Interests:
wide field telescope, modern and hystorical optics instruments, allsky optics for aurorae and meteor, radio-meteors detection, intensity interferometry and high-time resolution astronomy

Short CV:

October 2016 – Present: PhD Course in Astronomy, University of Padova – INAF Astronomical Observatory of Padova
September 2016:  Master’s Degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics - University of Padova Title: Optics aligment of VST telescope (VLT Survey Telescope) PDF
October 2000 - present: Tecnhincial of the optics laboratory of Department of Physics and Astronomy (University of Padova) [on leave for PhD until 2019]
2006 - present: Curator of Museum for astronomical instruments of Asiago - MUSA -

Software experience
Operating System: Linux/Unix, Windows
Programming System: bash scripting
Science-related softwares/packages: IRAF, TOPCAT, ImageJ
Plotting packages: gnuplot, Supermongo
Other programs: Microsoft Office package, graphics packages Creative Suite Adobe
Web site administration: Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle
Video streaming solution for conference and meeting on Department of Physics and Astronomy (University of Padova): epiphan, youtube, xsplit, YouTube

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